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Custom Children's Orthotics and Prescription Shoe Inserts

Pediatric Orthotics provides advanced management options for children’s foot and heel pain. Our mission is to ensure that all children are able to live active and pain free without being slowed down by foot pain disorders.

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Welcome to the Pediatric Orthotics Lab, where children’s orthotics are meticulously crafted with precision and care.

Every orthotic is expertly designed to ensure the utmost comfort and effective results for every child. Pediatric Orthotics Lab produces custom orthotics for renowned products like The Mikki Device™, The Andy Device™, and custom orders from other podiatrist and healthcare clinics in the Valley.

Crafting custom orthotics with precision for children's unique foot conditions, including Sever's disease, toe walking, and more.

Mikki Device Severs Solution Kit

The Mikki Device™

The Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution Kit offers a home-based remedy for Sever’s disease in children aged 6-16, providing custom orthotics molded from the child's feet and a pediatric night brace.

Pediatric Toe Walking Boot

The Pediatric Toe-Walking Brace

The Toe Walking Brace is a nighttime orthotic for children, providing support to correct toe walking by promoting foot and ankle alignment for natural gait development.

Andy Device Inserts Product

The Andy Device™

The Andy Device™ Flat Feet Orthotics are custom-designed for children's unique foot structures, offering an at-home solution for flat feet that ensures proper gait and balance.

Pediatric Severs And Toe Walking Boot Updated Blue

The Pediatric Night Brace

The Pediatric Night Brace is a lightweight orthotic boot for children aged 5-18, effectively treating conditions like toe walking and Sever’s disease for faster recovery.