Custom Orthotics and Nighttime Bracing Devices to Effectively Treat Specific Foot Conditions That Affect Children.

The mikki device ™

The mikki device™ is a custom orthotic shoe insert that effectively treats heel pain in children diagnosed with Severs.

pediatric night splint

Pediatric Night Splint

Used at night by children to help treat Achilles tendon conditions such as a tight Achilles tendon, toe walking and those diagnosed with Severs.

pediatric adjustable brace

The Equinus Brace

An adjustable foot brace for treating children diagnosed with equinus related conditions. This brace gives a more effective stretch.

Motivated by Mission

About Our Company

Pediatric Orthotics provides advanced management options for children’s lower extremity pain. Our mission is to ensure that all children are able to live active and pain free without being slowed down by foot pain disorders.