The Andy Device™ Custom Flat Feet Orthotic


Your Andy Device Children’s Flat Feet Solution Kit ships the same day if ordered before 12:00 PM (MST). Any orders after 12:00 PM ship the next morning. Allow 3 to 5 business days for arrival.

***Important – Only order 1 kit per child.
1 kit includes both custom orthotics, right and left foot. Everything is included to treat your both your child’s feet.

Also included in your kit are easy to follow instructions, and email, text, and phone support.



The Andy Device™ is a custom molded arch support that realigns the foot into a more normal anatomical position. This reduces stress across the bones, joints and soft tissues allowing children to walk, run and play without pain. Most children experience benefits within 2 weeks of consistent wear. Significant relief of fatigue and pain is typical by weeks 4-6 as the child adapts to the orthotic.

  • Gentle arch support and foot realignment
  • Allows kids to remain active
  • Avoids invasive surgical procedures
  • Custom orthotic fits child’s unique feet
  • Alleviates arch and foot pain from flat feet
  • Prevents future hip, knee, and back issues
  • Designed by pediatric podiatrists
  • Fits seamlessly into shoes
  • Promotes proper foot alignment and gait
  • Non-invasive and drug-free
  • Clinically tested and recommended


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