The Pediatric Night Brace

The Pediatric Night Splint indications: for idiopathic toe gait (toe walking) and post-Achilles tendon lengthening. The Classic Pediatric Night Splint is breathable and has a padded liner. Night splint is not for ambulation.


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The Pediatric Night Brace by Pediatric Orthotics is a lightweight brace worn at night by the child to treat acute and chronic Sever’s disease (in combination with custom orthotics for chronic Sever’s) and toe walking in children.

Recommended time to use for toe walking is 6 to 12 months (7 – 8 hours a night).

Recommended time to use for Acute Sever’s disease is 4 to 6 weeks.

Recommended time to use for Chronic Sever’s disease is 6 to 8 weeks in conjuction with custom orthotics.
To treat Chronic Sever’s disease, order The Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution Kit.

Sizing Chart:

Size for Measured Foot Length:

XS  – Up to 6 ¼” (15.9 cm)
S – Up to 6 ¾” (17.1 cm)
M  – Up to 7 ¾” (19.7 cm)
L – Up to 8 ¾” (22.2 cm)

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XS, S, M, L


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