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The Pediatric Toe Walking Brace is a custom-fitted brace that gently stretches the calf muscle and Achilles tendon overnight to correct toe walking in children 18 months to 8 years old.

It works by keeping the foot gently flexed downward overnight which applies a prolonged stretch to the calf muscle and Achilles tendon. This encourages lengthening of the tendon and retraining of muscle memory.

Gradual improvement occurs over 2-4 months of consistent overnight use. Muscle retraining takes time but allows natural realignment without surgery.

Limited adjustability is available at the straps. For major size changes, new braces in progressively larger sizes will be needed over time.

To properly treat toe walking, a pair of braces is needed to treat both feet at the same time.

Toe walking is common when kids first learn to walk, but most outgrow it by 18 months as leg strength improves. Persistent toe walking after age 2 can indicate a tight Achilles tendon or other issues.

Toe walking that continues past age 2, appears abruptly, only occurs on one side, or impairs gait should be evaluated by a podiatrist to identify any underlying causes.

It is recommended for children 18 months to 8 years displaying persistent toe walking that impairs gait or causes discomfort. Earlier intervention improves outcomes.

The brace allows 90% of pediatric toe walking cases to be corrected non-surgically. Surgery may be needed if the tendon is severely shortened or misaligned.

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It is commonly used to treat toe walking, heel pain from Sever’s disease, Achilles tendon tightness, and other conditions causing abnormal gait.

It gently stretches and aligns the foot into proper position throughout the night while sleep, allowing short-term realignment.

The night brace is should be used on your childs most symptomatic foot first for the 1st week and then alternate. This is the best practice as children may have difficulty sleeping with two night braces on at the same time, although some parents choose to order two anyways.

Yes, the brace comes in a range of sizes from toddler to youth to properly fit your child’s foot and leg.

Limited adjustability exists at the straps. For major size changes over time, new braces in larger sizes will be required.

No, the night brace is not designed for walking. It should only be worn in bed during sleep or naps.

Depending on the severity, regular bracing for 2-6 months is usually needed to correct alignment and gait issues.

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The Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution Kit is an at-home treatment for Sever’s disease in children, offering a 97% success rate.

The custom orthotics provide support, and the pediatric night splint passively stretches the calf and heel tendons during sleep, resolving Sever’s disease in most cases within 4 to 8 weeks.

Yes, the custom orthotics are designed to fit into your child’s current shoes or cleats.

Yes, children can participate in sports activities while using the Mikki Device™, as long as they wear the custom orthotics.

The kit includes 2 custom orthotics, a pediatric night brace, and a step-by-step treatment plan with support from a Sever’s specialist.

The night brace is should be used on your childs most symptomatic foot first for the 1st week and then alternate. This is the best practice as children may have difficulty sleeping with two night braces on at the same time, although some parents choose to order two anyways.

You will receive your Mikki Device™ orthotics from the lab 2 weeks after the lab recieves your childs foot mold.

The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and support for obtaining the correct mold of your child’s foot.

The cost is a one-time payment of $497, which includes custom orthotics, a nighttime splint, support, shipping, and lab fees.

Yes, the Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

No, it is not covered by insurance, but the one-time cost is about half the out-of-pocket costs with insurance for similar treatments.

Dr. Mikkel Jarman, a Pediatric Podiatrist, developed the Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution.

Besides Sever’s disease, other causes include Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Stress Fractures, Tarsal Coalition, Achilles Tendinitis, Flat Feet, High Arches, and Bursitis.

Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, Baseball, Football, and Running are most frequently linked to Sever’s disease.

Children ages 8 to 13 are most affected by heel pain due to Sever’s disease.

Boys are more likely to experience Sever’s disease than girls, with a ratio of 72% boys to 28% girls.

For an unofficial diagnosis, lightly squeeze the sides of the child’s heel. However, it’s advised to seek guidance from a licensed pediatric podiatrist for an official diagnosis.

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The Andy Device is a custom molded arch support that realigns the foot into a more normal anatomical position. This reduces stress across the bones, joints and soft tissues allowing children to walk, run and play without pain.

Most children experience benefits within 2 weeks of consistent wear. Significant relief of fatigue and pain is typical by weeks 4-6 as the child adapts to the orthotic.

The success rate is estimated to be around 85% for significantly improving pain and discomfort. Most children experience 60-90% improvement in baseline symptoms with proper fit and consistent use.

The Andy Device costs $397 with free shipping

The turnaround time from casting to delivery is one week.

The Andy Device is recommended for children ages 4-18 years old. Children under 4 with symptoms should see a pediatric podiatrist.

No, the Andy Device is not typically covered by insurance when purchased online. Custom orthotics from a podiatrist’s office may have partial insurance coverage depending on the provider and insurance plan.

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