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The Mikki Device™

Mikki Device Severs Solution Kit

The Mikki Device™ Sever’s Solution Kit is an innovative, home-based treatment for Sever’s disease. This kit effectively treats Sever’s disease in children aged 6-16 (predominently ages 9 – 12) within 8 weeks. The kit includes a pediatric night brace and slipper socks to make two custom orthotics molded directly from your child’s feet.

The Sever’s custom orthotics can be worn in regular shoes or cleats, allowing the child to continue to participate in sports and activities while wearing the orthotics. The Pediatric Night Brace is used to treat Acute Sever’s on its own, and in combination with the custom orthotics to achieve best results for Chronic Sever’s.

This 6-8 week treatment plan includes step-by-step guidance, and real human support via phone, text, and email.

The Andy Device™

Andy Device Kit Orthotic, Mold, Box

The Andy Device™ Flat Feet Orthotics are custom orthotics designed meticulously from the child’s unique foot structure. This revolutionary at-home treatment for flat feet in children is now available without a referral or prescription needed and can be ordered online with free shipping and a money back guarantee.

These custom orthotics address and correct flat feet in children and minimize the risk for future hip, back, or knee problems due to an improper walking gait from flat feet. They are intended for all day wear, and ensure proper walking gait and balance. The child can continue to be active, play their favorite sports and activities while wearing the custom orthotics which fit into their regular shoes or cleats.

The Pediatric Toe Walking Brace

Pediatric Toe Walking Boot

The Toe Walking Brace (aka Toe Walking Boot) by Pediatric Orthotics is an orthotic device designed specifically to address and resolve toe walking in children. The brace is worn at nighttime while the child sleeps. It provides gentle yet effective support to the foot and ankle to promote proper alignment and natural gait development.

The brace helps target underlying causes of toe walking like muscle tightness and imbalances.
Consistent and proper use of the Toe Walking Brace at night can help retrain the muscles and tendons over time. This leads to improved balance, stability, and functional mobility as the child develops a more natural heel-to-toe walking pattern during the day. The brace is engineered for comfort, comes in 3 different sizes and can be adjusted further to ensure a proper fit. 

Pediatric Night Brace

Pediatric Severs And Toe Walking Boot Updated Blue

The Pediatric Night Brace is aprecisely-engineered, lightweight orthotic boot designed for children aged 5-18 that are experiencing conditions like toe walking or Sever’s disease. Utilized as a standalone product, the Pediatric Night Brace is proven to effectively treat and resolve acute Sever’s for expedited recovery times.

For Chronics Sever’s the pediatric brace is used in tandem with custom orthotics. This brace is a key component of the Mikki Device™ kit, a comprehensive at-home solution for managing and treating Sever’s disease.

Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Custom orthotics are prescribed shoe inserts custom molded from the children’s feet to address and correct foot problems in kids. By providing the support and alignment, these specialized inserts not only alleviate immediate discomfort but also help prevent potential complications as the child continues to grow.

It’s important to note that these orthotics aren’t solely about the feet. They also help minimize the risk of future issues in areas like the back, hips, and knees. Such problems can arise from an improper walking gait or poor balance.

Custom orthotics play a pivotal role in addressing Sever’s disease and flat feet in children. They are integral to both the Mikki Device and the Andy Device, which are at-home treatments designed specifically for Sever’s disease and flat feet in kids, respectively.

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